Big Happenings In Little Jacksonville

You've heard about BelleCON 2013, right? It's kind of a big deal.

Over the last couple of months, we've announced all manner of cool stuff, from ANIME Fairytale Theater, to Pokemon: Curse of Lavender Town, to our newest guest, Lauren Goodnight. All manner of new, unique, and interesting concepts are brewing for BelleCON. One of which is our Conventions Panel where we invite con directors from all over Florida to promote their events for our attendees in the spirit of friendly competition. Another new idea in the works is the BelleCON Wedding Package, where you can rent space in our Tea Room (did I mention we have a tea room?) wearing authentic Japanese wedding kimono.

Of course, you'd know all of this already if you Like'd the BelleCON 2013 Facebook Page, or joined the BelleCON Facebook Group. If you want to keep up with the latest updates and information, then come and join our community!

There's lots of interesting stuff on the way in the near future, including audition announcements for our shows and interactive events, so y'all come on back now, y'hear?

Back from Metrocon!

We've returned from Metrocon 2012 with hundreds of photos that will be hitting our gallery soon. With a new camera, expect to see the resolution of our photos take a huge leap! In addition to photos from all over the convention, we'll also be bringing you video clips from the BelleCON Panel at Metrocon, so you can see what was discussed.

In other news, while the forums have been closed down, you can carry your conversations over to the new BelleCON Forums.

We'll also be adding lots of events to the Event Calendar soon, so y'all come on back now, y'hear?

BelleCON 2013

BelleCON 2013
May 10th-12th, 2013

After attending anime conventions, studying their mechanics, and learning what works and what doesn't for over a decade, community website is proud to bring you a convention that has been many years in the making. At last, BELLECON 2013 will be coming to Jacksonville, Florida, May 10th-12th, at the Wyndham Jacksonville Riverwalk! BelleCON 2013 is a jam-packed weekend of Japanese animation and culture, ranging from traditional to modern, and all delivered with a heaping side of southern hospitality.

Just a few of our events this year include the Anime Fairytale Theater, our new show blending anime characters with traditional Japanese folk tales and kabuki theater; The Starlight Ball formal dance; the Kimono Fashion Show, a classic AnimeBelle event; and BelleCON's own Tea Room staffed by waitresses in kimono, serving tea and performing the traditional Japanese arts of song and dance. There will also be anime screenings, panels with industry guests, videogaming, interactive panels, and much, much more. BelleCON 2013 strives to breathe new life into classic convention events, by putting new twists on the staples you already know and love. Ticket sales for weekend passes, VIP passes, and Founder passes will be opening soon, as well as exciting announcements about guests, events, and more. was founded at the dawn of 2003, and has spent the last ten years as a hub for anime information in the south. The reputation of AnimeBelle has grown far beyond the website, extending into anime-themed gameshows and Japanese cultural events. Since its inception, AnimeBelle has never stopped growing. As we've always said at AnimeBelle, “y'all come on back now, y'hear?”

Visit for more information!

Finally, AnimeBelle Has Returned!

Though our recovery was a long and hard-fought process, every bit was worth it! While there may appear to be only minimal changes on the surface, everything under the hood has received a complete makeover, and those updates will shine through in the weeks to come.

Many old and out-dated features of AnimeBelle have been stripped away. The Forums were once the shining jewel of AnimeBelle's crown, circa 2005, but in the past few years they've become an Achilles heel that has opened us up to vulnerabilities time and time again. Times have changed and forums have gone the way of the dinosaur, mostly being replaced by other social networking tools like Facebook. However, this is not to say that AnimeBelle will never be graced by forums again... But when they are, expect to see them more deeply integrated with the rest of the AnimeBelle website.

Speaking of integration, AnimeBelle's first step into 2012 is to add Facebook integration. When you register on the website, you can now link your account with Facebook. You no longer have to remember a separate log-in name and password for AnimeBelle; just use your Facebook like a universal ID! Right now, there isn't a lot you can do by registering at AnimeBelle, but lots of new interactive features will be coming soon!

Our newest interactive feature is the Event Calendar tab at the top of the website, right next to Home. Yes, it's that important! With the new and improved Event Calendar, you can find out when and where every convention in the south is going to be held, and find easy access to each convention's website and social networking outlets. We're still not done yet! Soon, the event calendar will have even more features, like a Google Maps view so you can find the events closest to you.

AnimeBelle has a lot on its plate this year, and I, Anna May Belle, have so many exciting projects in the works that I'm dying to tell you about! Some have to be kept secret for now, and some... Well, let's just say I don't want to overload you yet. Keep checking back to find out what's on the horizon! In other words... Y'all come on back now, y'hear?

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